THE KARMA FARMERS - a novel about Love, Murder, and Quantum Theory.


THE KARMA FARMERS is crime fiction based on a philosophical conundrum.
The question is this: If neuroscience demonstrated that consciousness could survive death, how far would you go to discover if it was true?



Bradley Holmeson, a bookshop manager, has hit his mid-thirties and he’s experiencing something of a crisis: he can’t accept that one day his mind will cease to exist. He’s a rational man, and to him the death of the consciousness doesn’t make evolutionary sense; because why would evolution take 4 billion years to create a sentience as brilliant and sophisticated as the individual human mind, and then snuff it out for all of eternity?

It sounds like Holmeson is looking for religion, but he doesn’t believe in God. He intends to resolve this problem with science.

His research leads him to the work of a theoretical physicist, the late David Bohm - a colleague of Einstein and Oppenheimer, a man celebrated by the leading scientists of the age. But Bohm was also a Marxist in 1950’s America,  hounded by the FBI during the McCarthy Purge, and exiled from his homeland.
Amongst his great achievements, Bohm created a radical interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, paving the way for a brave re-imagining of the human condition; but due to his politics, this work has been marginalised for decades.

Holmeson is inspired by Bohm’s lost writings. He’s fired up by the possibility that consciousness is something we tune into, rather than create. And so he self-publishes a revolutionary manifesto based on Bohm’s work, leaving copies in local bookshops, expecting like-minded people to find the booklet, contact him and help corroborate his ideas. 
In spite of his belief in the subject matter, Holmeson isn’t looking for revolution so much as literary notoriety. He’s hoping that commercial success will be enough to resolve his existential angst, and win back the affections of his estranged girlfriend; not fully realising that it’s this obsession with radical opinion that drove her away.
Holmeson believes he’s on the verge of a stunning philosophical adventure, but his revolutionary manifesto begins to attract the wrong attention…

THE KARMA FARMERS is a quest for the Holy Grail of Science, should it exist. It’s a fast paced adventure in which an everyday armchair philosopher becomes embroiled in a necromantic experiment; where he meets the violent, the obsessed and the dangerously misguided, armed only with his defensive sarcasm. And all this to win back the woman he loves…

* For the completists, Holmeson’s self-published manifesto Death and Physics, the object that began this rebellious escapade, is included at the end of the novel, describing the scientific rationale that allows the story to play out.